We're fortunate - so we help those that aren't.

For each ESW employee we have on staff, we sponsor a child in the Watoto program.

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what does Watoto do


Watoto rescues orphaned & vulnerable children in Uganda, putting them into a supportive village.


Watoto children are raised in a loving environment and receive basics like education and a chance at life.


Rescued children return to society as contributing members, supporting the next generation of successful Watoto graduates.

our experience at Watoto

ESW staff help out
ESW staff help out
ESW sends volunteer staff each year to make a first-hand difference.
Raising them right
Raising them right
Watoto teaches compassion and respect.
The Village
The Village
Grouped into 8 home circles, each village has a Head Mother and supports dozens of children.
Rescuing the needy
Rescuing the needy
Help orphans and the vulnerable get back on their feet.

Watoto kids sing Oh Canada

ESW Team travels to Uganda

The ESW Team has planned a trip to Uganda in October 2016 to support Watoto. Watoto has been on the ground in Uganda rescuing abandoned and vulnerable babies, raising them in villages built by Watoto, all in an effort to rebuild a nation that has been devastated by war and HIV/AIDS. Our team of 20 (ESW coworkers, family, and friends) plan to help Watoto by painting homes in one of the Watoto villages.

While some of the team will actively get involved with the painting project, we are raising money to purchase painting supplies and hire a local contractor to manage and complete the project. We also plan to take school supplies, basic medical equipment and sports equipment for the children in Uganda with us through generous support from friends and family like you!

Our team is VERY excited to be able to take part in something so meaningful. This opportunity provides a reward different to each of us individually, but overall as a team, we will be provided an opportunity to learn and grow through this shared experience together.

Take the time to learn more about Watoto by visiting their website. If you feel led to support this initiative, please follow the link below to donate. Please identify your donation with the ESW Team so that it can be designated for this project. We are planning to raise a minimum of $4000 to paint a circle of 8 houses but there are many more circles that require this maintenance as well.

As the trip is planned, this October, we are required to receive funding by September 15th in order to allow ample time for items to be purchased and staff hired before our arrival. All donations are tax deductible and Watoto will send you a tax receipt directly.

DONATE NOW **     Please Note: If you have never been to the site before, you will be required to select a country and this will lose the link for you. Once your country is selected,
you will then need to click "Donate Now" at the bottom of the home page and then select "Visit Watoto Contribution" towards the bottom right of the next page. Please include the ESW Team name with your donation.

ESW is a small IT Consulting Service company based in Alberta with a deep belief in serving the vulnerable and those in need. Over the past 5 years, ESW has been supporting over 100 babies through monthly sponsorship with a goal to continue to sponsor for every new staff member we add to our organization!

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Please identify your donation with the ESW Team so that it can be designated for this

We are very excited and appreciate your support!